Why Join POPA

Joining POPA

Who belongs?

The typical member controls the operation and management of at least one Pilatus aircraft. They tend to be owner-pilots and corporate executives. Many of them are the active single pilot operator. A significant number of members are multi-aircraft owners, either through business ownership or operation of more than one Pilatus aircraft. POPA is also comprised of a growing community of PC-12 Pro Pilots. Associate memberships include Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd., Pratt & Whitney, Canada, Honeywell, SimCom Training Centers, and Pilatus-Authorized Sales and Service Centers, as well as appropriate vendors.

What does POPA do?

POPA spends effort and resources in pursuit of programs that continuously support the safe, economical, and enjoyable operation of Pilatus aircraft by the membership. These programs touch on training, safety, economical operating practices, insurance, and recreational travel. Our focus is on Safety, Education, Communication and Owner/Operator Satisfaction in owning and operating your Pilatus aircraft. Most important, POPA is open to suggestion of any area of focus that can benefit members.

Why should I belong?

First, there are the membership benefits; a quarterly magazine full of interesting and informative articles. A multiplicity of communication channels (web-based) that can keep you informed on new developments from the Pilatus community. There are also special offers from suppliers, such as fuel discounts, only available to POPA Members. Second are the benefits of being part of the POPA community as it evolves. These include things like the template Operations Manual, which can be of high value when applying for insurance. Being a member allows you to attend the annual convention, which is a source for incredible amounts of information beneficial to efficient operations. Lastly, being part of the POPA community is a fantastic way to socialize and network with other members of the Pilatus community.

Where does POPA get its support?
POPA gets it support from its membership in the form of dues, and from its supporting industrial sponsors including Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd., Pratt & Whitney, Canada, Honeywell, SimCom Training Centers, Western Aircraft, Pilatus Center South/Epps Aviation, Kansas City Aviation Center, SkyTech, Inc., ProStar Pilatus Center and Tempus Aircraft Sales & Service.
Isn’t POPA just an extension of Pilatus/Sponsors?
Not at all. We are committed to serve our voting membership, of which the sponsors are not a part. The sponsors certainly enable the organization to exist through their financial support, but they also encourage us to remain independent. We also perform as a neutral communications channel enabling discussion of and solutions to major issues.