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As the largest Pilatus community in the world, POPA is in a unique position to help you if you are considering the purchase of an aircraft. POPA's individual members have collectively bought and sold well over 500 PC-12s, with the PC-24 arriving soon. We currently represent over 400 PC-12s worldwide. With our collective knowledge, we might just be able to provide you with a little insight that you can't find anywhere else as you weigh your purchase decision.

Below are several resources for your review. The two white papers and magazine article all contain cost and pricing information. While we feel that the costs and pricing are pretty accurate, we know that every owner has a slightly different experience and we encourage you to remember that costs and prices will vary depending upon how you plan to utilize your PC-12. We've added a form for you to use so we can put you in touch with one of our owner-members. You'll find that our members are very excited to share the experiences that they have had as part of the Pilatus family with you.

We also encourage you to speak to one of the Pilatus Dealers / Service Centers. They are a fantastic resource for you, whether you are just beginning to think about a PC-12 or you are ready to conduct a pre-buy inspection on your dream airplane.

Just two of the many benefits of joining POPA after you purchase your airplane is our member-only program with FlightSafety, TPPI, that allows pilots new to the PC-12, with less than 100 hours, to attend training at FlightSafety for absolutely free; and a partnership with SIMCOM Aviation, offering our members a unique In Aircraft Training Program.

Once you buy your PC-12, we invite you to join POPA so that you can take advantage of our member benefits and collective operational knowledge. We look forward to meeting you!

Considering a PC-12 Purchase?

Pilatus PC-12: Enduring Value
Rolland Vincent Associates, January 2016


Pilatus PC-12
The Aviation Consumer, November 2015


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