FlightSafety International Partnership

POPA Establishes Training Partnership with FlightSafety

We have established a partnership between POPA and FlightSafety International.

POPA members will receive special pricing at FSI for both Annual Recurrent training and Full Service training contracts. This unprecedented agreement with FlightSafety provides, not only significant cost savings for POPA members, but also full motion Level D state-of-the-art simulator access.

In the past, Level D sim training has been cost prohibitive for many. No longer, through exclusive agreement with FSI, the cost of training has been reduced by significantly more than the cost of POPA membership.

POPA's Board of Directors is committed to elevating the Pilatus experience through two primary goals: enhancing operations and continually improving safety of the fleet. In light of FlightSafety's highly regarded training, and the new competitive pricing being offered to POPA members, POPA's Board now endorses FlightSafety International as the Pilatus Owners & Pilots Association official recurrent training partner.

It is POPA's sincere hope that members will take full advantage of this opportunity during their next training event. If a member has not experienced a full motion Level D sim in the past, he or she will quickly realize the value it delivers, not only to every day flying, but ultimately, to safety.


POPA and FlightSafety

POPA and FlightSafety have partnered to offer the Transition Pilot Proficiency Initiative (TPPI) to new owners and pilots transitioning to the PC-12. Learn more about this special opportunity - spaces are limited to the first 10 participants per calendar year.