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Owning and operating your Pilatus aircraft, POPA’s focus is on:

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Welcome to POPA, the Pilatus Owners and Pilots Association (POPA) website. POPA, (pronounced PO’PA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the interests of owners and pilots worldwide who fly Pilatus Aircraft. POPA was founded by a group of original owners in 1996, the first year following initial commercial delivery of the Pilatus PC-12.

Here you’ll find out what POPA is all about and how to join. You can learn about our Officers & Board Members, as well as find out which Service & Sales Centers are closest to you.

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POPA Annual Convention

22nd Annual Operations & Safety Convention
June 7th - 9th, 2018

...frequent recurrent training is an essential part of operating our airplanes safely ...

"As pilots, we all know that the accident data clearly shows that frequent recurrent training is an essential part of operating our airplanes safely. PPPP provides a structured way for me to accomplish that goal and saves substantial insurance dollars. What is there not to like?"

- Jack Long • Member Since 2009